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Our company, Green Forest Catering Services, has established itself as a leader in catering services in the UAE. Since Green Forest one of its kind in the country, it has achieved several professional certifications, but most importantly, the trust and loyalty of its customers. Green Forest is currently preparing itself for its next evolution of expanding into new markets and areas, yet it already has the foundations in place to be the ultimate catering experience for the country.

A catering company’s success can easily be measured by the number of regular clients that frequent it. The techniques we have learned & refined have allowed us to consistently deliver delicious foods. With Green Forest Catering Services, the food variety & quality are unsurpassed. Green Forest has had the honour and privilege to serve a wide multi-cultural and global clientele. Here are some of our clients to whom we have provided our all-encompassing catering services with sheer diligence and honesty.  

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All-inclusive catering solutions, crafted just for you. Please feel free to reach out to us, inquire, discuss, or drop feedback. 

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