Internationally certified, Green Forest is aggressively committed to raising the quality of catering services in the region.
Since significant investments in infrastructure were made, the food service capability increased to provide 75,000 meals a day.


We are happy to offer pieces of healthy eating advice to your students without you having to bring them. We will come to you. The modern teaching method combines theoretical and practical methods to educate the person. In Green Forest, students are introduced to the most up-to-date and useful diet, food, and beverage information.

With respect to school/university support catering at Green Forest, we offer a structured service built upon international standards and designed by experts and dietitians working together with our team and executive chef. To create a culture of health and well-being, GFCS supports farm-to-plate programs. We aim of giving the freshest, locally sourced ingredients in each bite.

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We believe that inspiring young minds comes down to understanding what they need and what they like, which is why we create meals that pupils enjoy eating, while still ensuring their health and well-being. Our college catering goes above and beyond what’s expected and we’re constantly evolving to meet the ever-evolving tastes of students. With a variety of on-trend menu options, you’ll find convenient, affordable, and nutritious options. As a result of our blend of exciting food concepts, high street brands, a focus on wellness, and innovative technology, we provide inclusive food experiences that meet our students’ needs and provide them with ultimate convenience.

We provide vital support services to education staff so they can fulfil their responsibilities as effectively as possible. Schools, colleges, and universities across the country are served by our team of dedicated nutritionists and chefs, who strive to cater to diverse palates, dietary requirements, and preferences. Our aim is to provide all students with the same opportunity to contribute to school in a positive way, and it’s our task to help them do it. We accomplish this by providing a wide variety of fresh, healthy, and delicious meals.

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All-inclusive catering solutions, crafted just for you. Please feel free to reach out to us, inquire, discuss, or drop feedback.

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